REFERENCES on request
By Ruth L  (NZ/UK)
Paul is one of the most dynamic and driven people that I know. He is passionate about both midwifery and medical / legal ethical issues. His enthusiasm is infectious, and I feel lucky to count him as a friend. I would consider it a privilege to have Paul as a midwife. He is intuitive, knowledgeable and meticulous. I’m proud to highly recommended Paul Golden.”
By Kathy Fray LMC NZ
“I have known Paul for 10+ years and have found him extremely diligent, hard working and charming. We first came into contact with Paul through his midwife services, and he has remained a friend and trusted advisor since.”
Posted 22nd December 2012 by
By anon Manager NZ 
I’m glad that you are still working in this field [of advocacy] as your bent for it combined with your integrity is a powerful force.   I wish I had you with me instead of [my union] … you were 1000% better (and far less expensive than a lawyer).

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