Paul has worked with childbirth for around thirty years in various settings learning from situations, from colleagues and always, from women and babies themselves.

He continues to study and actively engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  He encourages and supports other midwives with their professional and personal development through Professional Supervision.  He offers professional legal and regulatory support, along with Advocacy and Mediation.  He has extensive qualifications and experience in law with postgraduate masters paper mediation in midwifery.  English Law Diploma, Legal Research methods,

He has taught law and midwifery at UK EU & International colleges & universities.

He provides legal training workshops on mediation and Human Rights.  Is a resident Legal writer with British Journal of Midwifery.  He provides articles and expert clinical legal opinion to others including: The Practising Midwife (UK), UN CEDAW, (Midwife members of IMUK, RCM, RCN and individuals).

Paul has extensive clinical experiences including: Remote Rural, Large City University Tertiary Hospitals, Lead Maternity Carer, (Independent Midwife Practitioner (UK AU & NZ).

He has studied and travelled widely teaching & researching childbirth in: China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, Europe …

Paul has a strong focus on the normal birthing process (whilst simultaneously preparing for ‘worst case scenarios’ and complex interventions).

Paul sees the many ways of achieving better birthing (increasing satisfaction for women and midwives), for example by:

  1. Gaining well well-informed consent with support to the woman and her family in that process, identifying any challenges and working through these in partnership. (Respecting Human Rights in Childbirth)
  2. Using Risk and Benefit analysis for decision-making and implementing policies.
  3. Showing how to demonstrate clear rationales for decisions.

Paul’s personal and professional philosophies are to be inclusive, accountable and transparent, ethical moral and respectful, as can be determined from how he works.

All birthing women are vulnerable; however, Indigenous cultures are particularly at risk and require proactive intervention and participation to increase rates of satisfaction in healthcare.

Paul is an identical twin and father to identical twin sons born very prematurely.

He continues to work in Neonatal Intensive Care Units as a Nurse and feeding adviser providing tongue tie release (frenulotomy) when required.

twins c twins river

 updated May 2015


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