Employment Regulatory and other aspects of law related to healthcare workers:
For Nurses Midwives Doctors Doulas and others
Do you have a Hearing coming up with your employer or a regulator?  Would you like representation or help representing yourself at an affordable cost?
I have wide experiences in these areas along with postgraduate studies and research. Effective and pursasive report writing can help you with your case and help find a resolution even before a hearing date.

Legal Experiences

  • Employment Law (Advocacy for: unjustified or constructive dismissal, personal grievances, statements and other representation)
  • Regulatory Law (in healthcare) Advocacy & Support for challenges with Regulatory Bodies, codes of conduct disputes, etc.
  • Family Dispute Resolution Mediation – FDR
  • Public, Private (Contract e.g breach, Tort e.g. malicious falsehood and malicious prosecution… )
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation (UOA)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Law (UK)
  • Nurse (UK NZ AU)
  • Midwife (experienced in healthcare mediation and advocacy)(UK NZ AU)
Other qualifications include
  • Teaching (postgraduate certificates PGCEA Oxford UK)
  • Management (ICM UK)
My experiences of litigation include
  • public  (government and State organisations)
  • private (family)
  • employment (trade union / industrial relations) and
  • healthcare regulatory law

UK Australia and New Zealand [Aotearoa]

These experiences have given me familiarity in dealing with judiciary and court procedures as well as preparing statements, expert witness reports  and other Legal Reports.
I currently Mediate, teach and participate in various employment and human rights law projects, particularly human rights in healthcare e.g. childbirth HRIC.
(c) Paul Golden 2017

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