KGH Hypnobirthing

Would you like the best birth possible?  Calm gentle and rewarding?

Have you considered hypnobirthing as a way to learn how to relax deeply and allow your intuitive self to guide your labour?

Lilly Kate skin to dad
Born on land after calm breathing technique (after attending my Trust Birth Class) to a mum who had a previous C section.

This can work with all labours not just home, natural births (even cesarean section births benefit from this preparation).

You can help yourself and your baby by learning some simple preparation techniques.  This is not hypnosis, just relaxation with a positive focus on the birth.

Breathing techniques combined with positive information build your confidence and ability to birth naturally.  Rehersals and practice of the relaxation scripts will cause physical changes that allow you to release previous fears and allow your body to soften.

Contact me for more information on classes.

These can be in your own home or with others in small groups.

Based in UK and Europe with some dates available in NZ AU on application.

KG Hypnobirthing

KGH Hypnobirthing Teacher Training completed accredited and approved.

I have co-taught with Katharine Graves in London to parents and midwives, students and Doulas.   Presented at KGH Awe of Birth Conferences in London and Manchester 2017.

Previously, since 1989, I taught birth preparation in a variety of settings using a variety of relaxation techniques.  Now, using KGH I can see a more effective and deeper level of relaxation calmness and awareness bringing the best possible birth.


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