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Birth Healing

Birth Healing

Milla BIRTH with supportMilla birth

Do you have negative feeling related to birth?
Would you like to find empowerment through creating a positive way forward?

 Breath and body work
 Holistic Counselling
 Mediating (clinical review) Meetings with your clinicians may be possible

Helping you to find closure through understanding accepting and letting-go


Paul Golden is a Midwife Nurse Counsellor with background in natural therapies

See: http://www.expertmidwife.wordpress.

For BIRTH HEALING focus on:

1.  Breath and body work
This is to release negative emotions / memories / trauma.
This can yoga-based, rebirthing, shiatsu, massage anything to use as a tool to release trauma.

2. Counselling
Talking it through (not to reinforce the trauma but to find openings to create a new narrative using open questions like how did that feel? / what would you have liked to happen? /  how could that be done? what if …. x y z .. happened instead how would that have been? etcetera

3.  Mediating with clinicians and reviewing the clinical notes to increase understanding (perhaps appreciating the fear within the institution and practitioners) thereby getting answers, explanations, apologies and increasing acceptance facilitating letting-go.

Finally, any Meditation techniques help us to be in the moment.
This allows acceptance of what is and seeing the good.  Then there is a chance for change of feelings perceptions and narratives.

Try using positive language when describing the birthing story and see how this feels.  Ask your body questions and see what you can, and need to, learn from it.

Narratives means how we tell the story (of birth and of our lives)
We can choose negative words and keep the destructive cycle going or we can simply choose a new narrative with positive words related to the experience, our bodies and minds will respond to the new positive ‘programming’.  We may not change the birth but we can change how we look at it.  This affects our healing journey.

Accept what is then see the good.