Birth – A Human Process

Birth  – The Human Process

Everyone is invited to create a safe and friendly space around birth for motherbaby partners families and birthing practitioners.

Center Gaja, Dunajska cesta, 113, Ljubljana  19.07.2017 18.00

The theme is around building friendly relationships between everyone involved in birth. We can explore the following:

  • Do everything to be sure everyone understands your wishes and responsibilities
  • How do you see your role….
  • To engage fully in your process is to allow others to be in theirs
  • By owning our own process we respect others to have theirs.  It is okay to disagree
  • How we choose to disagree can affect our relationships.
  • Choose wisely – Consider the consequences of any decision
  • Every decision has to be accepted by everyone in the process by understanding reasons and choices
  • Trust your Intuition and your Knowledge
  • Are you engaged in the birth process or who are you if you are not engaged?
  • Letting go and going with the flow can empower creative paths to the best outcome.


If you are a Doula Doctor Midwife or another interested in birth we suggest considering the following questions:

  1. Consider who you are and what you wish for
  2. How do you see your role…

Come and meet us to enjoy an evening of sharing ideas and building relationships

Paul Golden (Midwife Mediator Body worker) & Svetlana Votiakova (Perinatal Psychologist Doula)

For booking (free) please contact:

+386 51 869085





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